Where Stress ends, life begins

With Maya AI CoPilot for Education, Educators Inspire and Learners Thrive









Meet The AI Platform For Educators

Avoid Burnout

Achieve a healthier work-life balance. Maya AI CoPilot for Education will reduce the stress and workload associated with Lesson Planning and other routine tasks.

Earn More

Experience increased financial stability and opportunities for earning more. Allow Maya to enhance your Professional Growth.

Excel In Teaching

Deliver high-quality lessons that engage and inspire students. Maya will develop and instantly provide all Teaching Resources that you need.
Maya AI CoPilot for Education

Save Time and Enhance Efficiency

Maya AI is your ultimate teaching assistant, embraced by 100s of educators worldwide. This all-in-one platform is designed to save you time and enhance your teaching efficiency:

  • All-Inclusive AI Platform: Maya AI brings all your AI needs into one convenient place.
  • Time-Saving and Stress Reduction: Maya AI lightens your workload by automating routine tasks, helping you focus on student engagement and reduce burnout.
  • Skill Development: Using Maya AI simplifies your teaching tasks & helps you and your students develop valuable AI skills, making your classroom a hub of innovation and efficiency. 

Enhance Your Teaching

Maya AI CoPilot for Education is the premier AI platform tailored for educators, offering an extensive array of tools to elevate your teaching:

  • Extensive AI Tool Suite: Access over 60 AI tools designed to assist with lesson planning, personalized instruction, assessment creation, Chat with PDF etc.
  • Zero Friction: Maya AI features a user-friendly design that makes it easy for educators to navigate and use its tools effectively.
  • Help at hand: Benefit from comprehensive training resources including certification courses, video guides, and more, ensuring you can maximize the potential of Maya AI in your teaching.

Leverage Maya AI’s powerful tools to enhance your teaching efficiency, improve student engagement, and simplify your educational workflow.

Say Hello to a New Life with Maya AI

hours/week saved by automating administrative tasks


increase in opportunities for higher salary prospects


improvement in job satisfaction due to reduced stress


“Maya AI has transformed my teaching experience by automating lesson planning, allowing me to focus more on my students.”

University Professor

“Using Maya AI has significantly reduced my workload and stress, making my teaching days much more enjoyable and claiming my life back.”

School Educator

“The ease and efficiency of Maya AI’s MCQ feature saves countless hours, letting us dedicate more time to personalized student support.”

Academic Director